• DELUXE  AD92 Precision plastic GLUE

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Precision plastic glue

Low odour, liquid plastic cement with pin-point applicator

If you are a plastic kit modeller looking for the ultimate adhesive that will give precise applicational control, you will be delighted to discover Precision Plastic Glue. This hazard- free, non-toxic, low-odour plastic cement is designed with a 10 second working time to allow easy spreading and positional adjustment. It bonds all types of styrene plastic kits and is easy to apply (but not too runny).

Furthermore, it is chemicaly engineered to resist needle clogging and not thicken in use. Precision Plastic Glue is packed in an easy to hold, clear plastic bottle for glue level visibility and an integrated detachable needle for safety.


  • Controlled precise application
  • Easy to hold bottle
  • Visible glue level
  • No workshop odour
  • No more clogged needles
  • Non-toxic, Non- flammable
  • Non-thickening in use

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DELUXE AD92 Precision plastic GLUE

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